is your program for beginners?

My program is designed for people of every level! If you are a beginner, try to use a lighter weight or just incorporate body weight as well as taking longer breaks. If you are more skilled, increase your weight and give every workout your all! It's crucial to go at your own pace.

How do i receive my workout program?

Once you have purchased the program, an email is immediately sent to you with the downloadable link. Be sure to have Google Drive downloaded so it can transfer over in the most efficient way! If you did not receive the email or need it sent to a different email, please contact me.

do the guides expire?

Never! Once you purchase and download, they are yours forever :-)

Refunds and Returns

Since the buyer gains immediate access to the program we do not offer any returns or refunds!

what does the 4 week workout program consist of?

The 4 week workout program is a combination of endurance and strength training exercises to help tone and sculpt your entire body. It is set to have you train 5 days a week for 4 weeks. The included exercises are for both upper and lower body training. Most exercises can be performed with just body weight, but the program is designed for if you have access to weights or a gym :-)

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